About Us

We are excited that you are joining our adventure to improve web user experience of the world!

We originally started our partnership in Asia helping e-commerce website owners to create positive user experience for their shoppers. When it came to testing a new site feature, we found it very expensive, time consuming and difficult to find testers. For those reasons, we are now working around the clock to make Netizen Testing the most affordable and convenient user experience (UX) testing service known to the universe.

But enough about us, let’s talk about you. Whether you own a website, manage or design website for others, you will need constant feedback on whether the website is delivering great user experience.

And yes, we understand that usability testing is a troublesome process! That is why we have put in a lot of effort to build a vast multilingual user database so that you can conduct tests anytime anywhere and still not break your bank. We also make it easy for you to design tests with many of our helpful template instructions. The users will have their screen and voice recorded as they browse your site. We then deliver those video results for your viewing. All you need to do is sit back and watch the unbiased users using your site. With the testing results, you can continually improve your website design to increase customer loyalty and sales.

The Founders


Alvin’s fascinating work history includes a number of years spent working with Internet start-ups and developing their website design and user interface. He is also no stranger to the legal arena and was once a lawyer. He loves spending his free time in playing badminton.

Wee Li, on the other hand, is a trained engineer who worked for a multinational corporation in his previous life. With his technical skills and business operations experience, he team up with Alvin to make the best remote end-user testing service in Asia. He is an avid football fan of Manchester United Football Club.