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What is Netizen Testing?

Our client will pay to watch and hear a user performing a set of task on their website/mobile apps to help them in discovering bugs and area needing further improvements.
As a tester, you spend about 20 minutes
1.    Recording a video of you giving verbal comments while navigating the site. Your screen and voice will be recorded by our software. View a sample video here.

2.    Writing answers for up to 5 question on your experience in using the site. Read a sample answer here.

Why sign-up with us?

Get paid for expressing your thoughts out loud. You’ll earn $7 by spending on average 20 minutes on each job.

Where can you do your test?

Complete the task anywhere you are in the world as long as you have a microphone equipped PC and broadband connection.
* Only your screen and voice is recorded. Your face will not be recorded.

How to be a tester in 3 simple steps?

  1. Apply to be a tester by filling up the sign up form
  2. Do a short 5 minutes test video for us to review your application
  3. Once approved as a tester, you will be notified through email on any available jobs. You can also check out available job by login into your account.

Who can be a tester?

Anyone who is able to speak their thoughts out clearly and honestly, owns a computer with a microphone and a broadband connection. If you are doing mobile apps testing, you will need to have a webcam and a mobile device.

When will you be paid?

You will be paid US$7 for each completed job. Payment is made 14 days after completion of each job.


Can’t find your question?

Please look at our FAQ for Tester containing all the questions asked by our testers.