User Research & Testing Solution Designed For Enterprise

Get our fully packed user testing and research service with extra features and goodness that is specially design for enterprise. Our testing & research team can do all the leg work for you, from writing test plan, running focus groups, usability testing, individual customer interview, highlight key moments on your user videos, analyzing the results to see what is working and what’s not. In addition, our team can also provide you with recommended solutions in an actionable UX report base on your testing results. 

What Can Be Tested?

1.    Any websites, even your competitor’s website
2.    Mobile sites & apps
3.    Landing page for PPC or SEO
4.    Online shopping flow
5.    Prototypes or concepts
6.    A/B testing to see how users react to different versions

When To Test?

It is never too early to start testing so that you can reduce the risk of developing something your users might not even use. Here are the key stages that usability testing can take place:
1.    Planning & research stage
2.    Early graphic designing
3.    Building prototype
4.    Developing
5.    Staging
6.    Pre-release to public
7.    Post-release to public
8.    Monitoring  
9.    Conversion improvements

Enterprise Package

Whether you are running monthly tests or on project basis, we have a plan that you can use:

Enterprise Features for Remote Usability Testing Focus Group Customer interview

Value for Money

Our enterprise plan starts from USD 850. Whether you are running user research project for a multi-national corporate or small businesses, we have got a plan that will suit your testing needs.

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We are happy to talk to you and explore how we can help your team to be more effective and save more time in user research and testing. We will get in contact within 1 business day on setting up a sample study for you. You can just sit back and relax without doing any extra work.

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