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+ What is NetizenTesting.com?

A service that provides you with an affordable and fast usability testing by harnessing the power of the “crowd”. Through NetizenTesting.com, you gain access to our large network of users at your convenience.

You can set a series of tasks for the user to complete. We record both the screen and spoken thoughts of the user while they perform those tasks on your website or application. You will get to watch and listen to where they get frustrated and confused. Then you fix it. This approach helps you to significantly reduce cost, inconvenience and time for conducting usability testing and user experience research. View sample video

+ What is usability testing?

In a nutshell, usability testing is a method used to test how easy it is for a person to use your user interface in making purchases or finding information, you can learn more from usability expert here.

+ Why should I test?

According to studies,
  • 45% of users abandon websites with poor navigability, slow response times and confusing content. (Boston Consulting Group)
  • 35% of users who experience problems on a particular site leave that site for a competitor’s site. (Accenture Consulting)
  • 67% of shoppers abandon their shopping cart before completing a purchase. (Net Effects)
  • a good design is key to building online trust with consumers. (Sillence, Briggs, Fishwick, and Harris, 2004)

If your website is hard to navigate, your customers leave. If they cannot find the product, they leave. If your payment process takes too many steps, they leave. There is no second chance, period. To create a positive user experience, you must find out what is most usable and satisfying for your customers. By watching what frustrate your users, you can go on to create the best user experience, and this will create more value for your customer, in turn create more brand loyalty and increased profit.

As an extra service, our multi lingual users are also able to help you to test your localized website page (e.g. mandarin or other language version of your website).

+ What can I test?

Our customers are using NetizenTesting.com is many ways, here are some examples:
  • testing and detecting usability issues (e.g. sign up and check out process on website, game or application);
  • testing localized website to ensure consistent user interface and experience with the English version site (e.g. mandarin or other language version of your website)
  • benchmarking competitor’s website, game or application;
  • research on what search keywords are entered by user in search engine;
  • getting users’ first impression on the design of website or application; (e.g. color scheme)
  • testing how trustworthy their website or application is (e.g. “about us” page);
  • understanding the user behavior (e.g. checkout process or Facebook games);
  • gaining insight of what design appeals to the different type of users (e.g. men or women or users of different age group);

That’s not all of it, you can always customize your testing instructions to suit your needs.

+ Who uses NetizenTesting.com?

From website owners, internet marketers, website designers, developers to market researchers. In a nutshell, anyone who is involved in creating websites and marketing them. By watching real users using your website or application, you get to see where they encounter problems and you can fix it to make it easier to use.

Many web designer and optimization firms told us that our video result is a very persuasive pitching tool to illustrate a problem to their client and followed by how they are going to make it better.
Our very affordable price also allows startup companies to test and improve their website without breaking their bank. In addition, quick results allow them to make rapid revisions to their design so that they can be on top of their game.

Some of our client also ask users to test their localized website page (e.g. mandarin or other language version of your website) to ensure that the user interface and user experience are consistent with the English site.

+ How much does it cost?

The price is US$45 per user and you will get:
  1. a video which you can watch the user’s screen activity and listen to them speaking their thoughts out loud while they use your website or application. view sample video
  2. a written summary where the same user telling you why they are confused, why they are leaving, what they disliked or liked about your website. view sample summary

However, as a special promotion, if you order more than 3 participants and above, you will pay only US$24.90/user.

+ How many tests should I order?

We suggest 5. Usability expert Jakob Nielsen said that you will find out most of your usability issues with 5 users. You can read his reasoning here.

It is better to distribute your usability testing budget across many small tests compare to using everything at one go. You can always test with another group of fresh users once you have redesigned based on previous testing results.

Some of our clients try 3 test before signing up for more.

+ When can I receive test results?

It can be as fast as 1 day! If we can't get the users that fit your required demographics and deliver a test job within 7 days, we will provide a refund! We are always working very hard to provide you with even quicker results. We will notify you by email as soon as the results are ready.

Please note that by requesting testers with narrow demographics requirements might slow the process down slightly as fewer users are capable of completing the test.  

+ Can I test my competitors’ website?

Yes, testing can be done on any site you want. When using our online sign up form, just provide us the first web address on the URL field and provide the second web address in the tasks instruction. Our user will be able to use and compare both websites and tell you which is better and why.

+ Is the test confidential?

Yes, your test results belong to you and it remains confidential. Any sample test video published on our site is not paid for. If you are testing something yet to be launched in market and want to limit exposure, we recommend that you set up password access requirement.

+ Can I test a website or application that is under development?

Yes, you will just need to state in the task description that the website or application is still under development. If password access is required, you will have to provide the user with a temporary one. With that, our users will be able to conduct the test.

+ Can I watch the user paying with a credit card?

Yes. You can tell the users to go through the payment process using a credit card number which are created for testing purposes. Google also recommend their developers to use these dummy credit card numbers, you can find them here.
Card TypeDummy Card NumberExpiration DateCVC
MasterCard 5555 5555 5555 4444 any future date any three digits
VISA 4111 1111 1111 1111 any future date any three digits


Our users

+ Who are the users?

They are ordinary users crowd sourced from all over Asia. They are not professional usability testers. They have gone through vigorous screening process to ensure that they can articulate their thoughts clearly when using your website or application. We have invested a lot of time and effort to create a vast network of high quality multi-lingual users for your convenience. We pay users to conduct tests. For more details on our user panel, click here.

+ Can I specify additional demographic not provided by you?

We currently only provide 5 demographics: gender, age, income, language and web experience level. Nevertheless, you can certainly request for additional demographic in the sign up form, e.g. “must use firefox” or “must be a company manager”. Your tests will still be made available to users based on that 5 demographic. From there, users will take up the job only if they fit your extra demographic. Users are careful not to accept task they are not suited for because they risk removal from our panel). If no user accepts your tasks, we will contact you to either revise your demographic or get a refund.

If you want to use your own customer as user, we can set that up for you. See next question to know how.

+ Can I have my own customer to be the user?

Yes, you can. Just drop us an email at support@netizentesting.com with your request and we will set that up for you.

+ Which browser does the user use?

Our users use what they ordinarily use. If you have a specific browser that you want to test on, please specify it in the “extra requirements” within the sign up form and our users will self-select based on your extra requirements.

+ Where are the users from?

90% of them are from Asian countries and 10% from Europe.

+ Can I apply to be a user?

Yes! Sign up here. Qualified user earns US$7 for each test completed. One caveat: if the client is not satisfied with the results, we will refund the client in full, which includes your US$7.


Test Results

+ How long is the video?

It is typically about 10 to 15 minutes long. The length depends on the number of tasks a user has to complete. When designing your test, please be mindful to set tasks that can be completed within 10 to 15 minutes.

+ Does the video come with audio?

Yes. Our screen recorder captures both the user’s screen activities and also their voice when speaking out loud when testing your website or application.

+ Can I download the videos?

Yes! The videos are in Mp4 / flv format. By downloading, you can:
  • watch it offline
  • store for future reference
  • insert into Powerpoint slides
  • embed it on your website
  • edit the video (e.g. put your company’s water mark or reducing video length)

+ How long do you store the video results?

Video results are available for streaming and downloading for 1 year. 



+ I want a refund, how?

If our users have not given you any helpful observations, we’ll keep to our promise of satisfaction money-back guarantee. Write to us at support@netizentesting.com to get a full refund within 30 days.


You do not have my questions in FAQ, so how?

We must have been over confident. Anyhow, we welcome your questions. Just write to us at support@netizentesting.com and we will try our best to help.