At Netizen Testing, we empower you with quick, affordable and a large panel of users to provide feedback on your website or mobile apps. Here are some of the values that we will provide to help you to make your product better.


No Coding Required

Zero coding or IT support is needed on your side. Our service is cloud based and we can test any websites or mobile apps, even your competition's websites and mobile apps.


Video & Audio

Seeing is believing. You will get a video of the user attempting tasks that you set down. The users will also speak a loud as they perform those tasks so that you know what they are thinking and why they are frustrated or confused.


Participants Ready to Test

Our large pool of user is always ready and waiting to test your websites or mobile apps. You will received quick testing results as fast as 1 day.


User Test in English & Asian Languages

Our users can test in English, Mandarin and other Asian languages. Our large pool of users enables you to get the right audience for your user testing session.


Watch Users' Behaviour in Their Ordinary Environment

Users are completing the tasks using their own computer or mobile phone at their home or office. User will not feel pressure such as those in a testing lab.


Independent Testing

Our users are ready to provide honest feedback to your website or mobile app. You are going to hear them directly, uncensored.


Test Anything, Even Your Competitor.

Test any Websites, including competitor’s website, E-commerce sites, Any landing page, PPC, SEO, Concepts, mockups, wireframe, prototypes. You can also test on mobile apps and mobile mockups.


Post Test Questionaires

Get written answers and insights to the questionaire you post to the users.


You'll be in Great Company

We run usability tests for top Asian web properties and our team will help you to get the insights you need to improve your website or mobile app.


Follow Up Questions for Users

Saw something interesting while watching the the test result? No worries. You can ask follow up questions to user even after you have received the test results.

What really matters is whether we improve your user experience so that your bottom line will increase too.
We will give you a refund if you do not get valuable insights to improve your conversion rate.